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Glowing Green Man

Two years ago I dreamt that I was seated at a lunch table with an odd mix of former/current friends and acquaintances from high school, college and work. They were very involved in some drama as a group — comedy or tragedy, I do not know. I felt detached and alienated from them. It was clear I did not fit in.

There was something strange about the cafeteria. Everyone inside was carrying on as if it were a normal cafeteria that you’d find at work or school, but it was actually a pavilion, with a ceiling and floor but no walls. I was sitting there, with the group but detached from it, looking out at the forest just beyond where the back wall should have been. My gaze came into focus on the trees.

At the edge of the wood, I realized, stood a glowing green man. This man was looking at me. In fact, it appeared he was waiting there for me. No one else noticed him.

When I say he was glowing, I mean lit from within, like a light bulb. The light was a gentle green. (He was not green-skinned like the Hulk.) I was not afraid to see him, but there was a shivery importance to his appearance. I left my friends at the table, left the phony cafeteria and joined him at the wood’s edge. We embraced. I was awash in overwhelming love. It thickened at my chest and throat so that it almost felt like it would spill over and I’d choke. I was overjoyed, but in the midst of this, some wiser part of me understood that I was not ready. We pulled apart and the dream faded.

I had this dream at a time of internal crisis. My life was racing full throttle in one direction while inside I was trying to go the opposite road. My job had become a monster that was crowding me out of my life. I couldn’t breathe. The dream gave me some hope and validation for what I was feeling. A couple months afterward, I up and quit my “upwardly mobile” job with no other job lined up. Just some crazy idea about being on my own little grail quest.

I haven’t seen the glowing green man since, but I am always looking.