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Mock Initiation

I had this dream on September 13th . . . the setting was like a high school but it was peopled with my coworkers. We were ushered into a classroom where a woman addressed us. She started saying that we should all bow our heads to pray and I protested that it was an inappropriate assignment in work/school because not everyone does that, at least not in the mainstream way. But then she revealed it was a trick opening – she was actually there to give us some kind of diversity/tolerance training. She started throw out questions like “Which is which – play or punish?” I know that doesn’t make sense, but in my dream they were supposed to be pairs of good/bad opposites and it seemed that we were to assign them. But once again they were trick questions because the correct answer was always good and good.

I soon realized that this “diversity training” was actually mystery school teaching in disguise! Somebody was cleverly trying to put out ancient esoteric wisdom in a form palatable to the mainstream. So we went through the “training” and it was a lot of fun. At the end, the teacher “graduated” us with a dramatic speech that consciously employed rhetoric from an initiation ritual. We were supposed to take it as a mock initiation, but I knew it was a REAL initiation of sorts. She gave us each a small chest that was supposed to look like an old treasure chest. Inside were two “mock” potions in beautiful little bottles. One said “mockumentary” which I know makes no sense but I had the idea it was a “mock” initiation ritual drink.

The second was a “mock” potion labeled “wisdom” – or at least that’s how I took it. There was also some kind of lottery ticket/envelope that said you might be the winner of $100 if you looked inside. Most people were playing around with the stuff in their chests, making lighthearted toasts and so forth. I thought these things were only pretending to be fake. In other words, I thought they were real, so I wanted to treasure them and drink the potions mindfully later when I was alone and in a meditative state. I hid my box and went around to check in with others. Soon I learned that everyone had $100 in their envelope! (I hadn’t bothered to open that, since I was more interested in the potions.) I rushed back to find my chest and ran into the teacher. I praised her on the work she was doing and she told me how two people wrote/designed the course – a man and a woman. He was very factual and she was very imaginative. Then I woke up.