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Elfin Power Boots

Another dream with an earth change theme . . .

In the fall of 2003, I dreamt I was going about my business in an unfamiliar city. I was trying to get something to eat but one thing or another was standing in my way. I think there was a conflict with a deli owner who would not serve me. But then all those frustrations became irrelevant. One disaster after another was breaking out. Tornadoes. Earth quakes. Dump trucks hurling through the air and crashing on the street. Buildings collapsing. I was in the thick of it. Naturally at first I was terrified. But when I saw a dump truck hurtling toward me, I instinctively sprang forty feet away as if I were wearing elfin power boots.

It was a revelation.

All my life I had been so fearful of potential catastrophes. Now all hell was breaking loose around me and I suddenly understood what to do. I suddenly felt SAFE, probably for the first time ever.

“I get it!” I exclaimed. “Just get out of the way!

And that’s what I did. I sprang my way safely through the chaos – lightly, effortlessly, even joyously. Like I said, it was a revelation.

Then I felt a presence pick me up and hold me with overwhelming love. I became lucid and the dream dissolved.

End of the Night

I am reaching back much further in my journals to include this dream. It isn’t about earth changes per se, but it seems to dramatize the end of an age and the beginning of a new one. I didn’t know anything about Kali Yuga and the four ages then, so this dream is more interesting to me now . . .

On 8/5/95, I dreamt the world was like life-sized nightmare of a video game. The game is abstract, but basically the goal is to survive the night. There are huge, powerful lights in the sky that are attacking us. Some of us on the ground are shooting at them, but others are attacking each other. I don’t understand it.

I am locked outside my childhood home, exposed and vulnerable to attack. Terrified, I hide behind a pine tree at the back edge of the lawn. I find a friend and bring him quietly up to the garage for shelter. Then I realize I want something in the house, so I sneak over. I am afraid that my keys won’t work, but they all do. I unlock the door.

But just as I am making it to a safe place, I can feel the night turn. I realize the game is sort of being broadcast on some kind of radio in the sky. The night host is wrapping up while the dawn host waits to take over. Dawn is safety.

I wait under the pine tree and emerge just as the opening bars of the theme song of the dawn’s show play. The song is “The Creator Has a Master Plan” [which I knew as the opening song of Vicki Star’s show on WBAI back in the nineties].

I run up the yard, passing a middle-aged woman who smiles at me and says “Isn’t this beautiful?” It is. I can almost feel the planet rotating and the darkness starting to lift. When I reach the front of the yard, I look to the sky. There’s a huge fractal-crystal-kaleidoscope in the middle of the sky with a rainbow running across. I feel joy and relief.

Acid Rain World (with Commander Riker)

Yet another installment in this week’s series on dreams with apocalyptic and/or earth change themes:

On May 2, 2006, I dreamt I was back at a strange company (“back” would make it my old company but the world was futuristic) where I was given an enormous office in the VIP area. It was a huge apartment, many times bigger than my little house and absolutely beautiful. The decor surpassed my wildest dreams. Need I say I loved it?

There was some intrigue with priests. Several of us were going around in PJs. Once again, I was some kind of outlaw.

Outside I went. There were others out there who were not so lucky as the people inside the company. Upon observing them, my part in the story suddenly shifted so that I was one of them. The world outside was rough. There were frequent acid rain falls. If you didn’t find shelter, the rain would burn and corrode your flesh. The land was ruined and sandy. I don’t remember seeing any green at all. There was a huge elevated race track hoisted high above the ruined city. There were always cars speeding on it.

There was a camp for the common folk – shelter if you could get in, but there wasn’t enough room for everyone, so you had to be selected for residency. Suddenly I was a kid approaching the camp with my siblings. We were going to see if we’d be chosen. I had mixed feelings because on one hand, the camp was safe from the elements, but on the other, you sacrificed your freedom when you became a resident.

My siblings and I were selected as if for a kickball team on a playground. The next thing I knew, I was viewing the elevated race track from above with Commander Riker from Star Trek TNG. I thought to myself that this would make a good SF story. That’s all I remember.

Turkey Tower

The following is another installment in the series of dreams with apocalyptic themes that I began here.

On 6/11/06, I dreamt that I was walking along the shore when I observed super high waves. I saw that there were people riding the waves, like surfers without boards. One of them was wearing a T-shirt with some kind of phrase or emblem that made me realize I was one of them. We all were tuned into the same frequency, following the same calling.We reached the shore at the special place that has long called me in real life. We were being called there for some kind of earth event.

Suddenly it was upon me to lead everyone, but I didn’t know where to go. I didn’t want to mislead, so I was at a loss as to what to do. I decided to silence my mind, follow my intuition and walk. And so I did, with the others following, until I led us away from the shore, over the road and across a field. Then we came upon a strange circle of stones and ritualistic objects. I asked those around me to stop and wait here to allow the group to gather.

Later I saw boulders moving up a mountain on their sides, so I urged everyone up that mountain. Then, in my mind, I decided it was a certain mountain that is special to me in real life. I am not sure, but I may have forced that identity onto the mountain instead of just letting it emerge. At any rate, when we reached the top, the world around us was transformed so that it was dark, red and smoky with volcanoes erupting all around.

But this latter part was abstract, or viewed from a distance, as in a movie. I found my dream self again in the formal gardens of a mansion from the gilded age. I was trying to find the secret to transformation – initiation. There was some secret word or key I needed.

People were not pleased about me being at the mansion. There were many guests about in twenties clothes. There was a butler in formal butler-wear. I was alone at a stone patio table in the garden. I found there was lunch there and I ate it, though afterwards I worried that I had taken liberties. I couldn’t remember how I had come upon the lunch.

There was some kind of intrigue with a dark secret and the couple who owned the place and a butler. I think the wife ended up killing the butler. This was going on in the background, but I wasn’t particularly interested in it. I was trying to uncover my own secret and it was of a completely different nature.

Somehow “turkey” was important – I realized it was the secret word I was looking for. Then I found myself at the top of a needle-like tower. Turkey tower? I thought to myself and then jumped off the top, sailing downward spread eagle.

On the way down, there were remarkable thoughts and experiences that unfortunately I cannot remember/make sense of outside the dream. But I do remember the ending: I opened my heart and by my own will dissolved myself before I hit the ground.

* * *

When I woke, I immediately transcribed the dream to my best recollection. “Turkey” stood out in more ways than one. Many years ago, when I was in high school, I had a dream in which the word “turkey” occurred with strange and inexplicable importance. Now here it was again, this time as a secret word or key. Right away I saw “turn key” in it. Then I connected the tower to the Tower key in the Tarot and meditated on it.

Little did I know that I my own Tower experience was starting to set up in shadows and would arrive that fall.

Camp Apocalypse

On 4/23/06, I dreamt I was with a number of people out in the wilderness. It was a ruined resort that had been abandoned by its staff. We were using it as a camp. Things were strange and perilous. The world had taken some kind of turn. The sunlight was harsh and orangey. The wilderness was wild and tangled. It was hot. The stars in the night sky were different. Maybe there were just more of them visible, but in the dream, I pointed out to the others some key difference in Orion, I believe, though I don’t know enough about the constellations in real life to convey that difference now.

We were traveling on foot back to the camp/resort. It was dangerous to travel through what we were calling “the open country” like this. People were getting “picked off.” I don’t know how or by whom. And I don’t know why we were traveling despite the danger. But I was a leader of some sort. I was climbing deftly through the wilderness and ruins, pointing out the way for others. When I realized I was doing this, my mind revolted – I can’t do this, I thought. But I was quickly surprised with my adroitness in picking a safe way through the peril. I had never ever in my life moved with such agility, confidence and precision.

Back at the camp, I greeted people and was received warmly. I was surprised by the reception then realized that my vibrations were high and because of this, I was bringing positive energy to the camp. I knew that this was the key for us all – to vibrate at a high level. I wondered how to convince a group of holed up materialists in dire straights that we all need to raise our vibrations.

Before or after this, while we were traveling again, something crashed out of the sky, landing in the brush nearby. And then another thirty or so feet away from the first. Both turned out to be dead deer. I explored the brush near the area and found a dead bird and a dead cat as well. All had fallen out of the sky. People wondered if this was a sign that “the end times” were indeed upon us. “This way,” I said, pointing out a path.

Again we were traveling on foot with packs on our backs. We crossed a lake via narrow planks. Somewhere along here it was night and I pointed out the difference in Orion.

On the other side, a few of us had made it inside another ruined resort – just a few – while most were still traveling or back at the other camp. Someone suggested that we take the $200,000 the previous owners of the camp/resort had left behind and divide it among us, ditching all the others who weren’t there yet. I surprised myself again by making a powerful speech in protest.

Money is irrelevant now, I said. Our survival depends on our cooperation. We are on the edge of a knife. These are potentially our final days. Do you want your last act in life to be one of selfishness and greed, or do you want to stand for cooperation and possibly survive?

My speech convinced people to ignore the $200,000 and rejoin the others. I had never before spoken with such power.

Despite the dire circumstances of the dream world, the dream was a positive experience for me. It felt good to have my expression flowing so clearly and well, and to be able to contribute accordingly.


The days stream by me, wisps of clouds. My thoughts play vigorously in my head, meaning so much to me but making no impression in the outer world. There is a chasm between where I reside and what I manage to express.

Since I am currently unable to marshal my thoughts and bring them out through the front door, I will go round the back. I will share some of my dreams.

A friend and I have taken to sharing dreams, at first with each other and then in a small group. We both believe that, at this critical point in history, sharing dreams is worthwhile. We each possess within us little mysterious fragments of truth. The idea is to share and share alike, because you never know what your fragments may mean to someone else. And you never know how someone else may be able to shine meaning onto the pieces you have.

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, the day Uranus stationed direct, my friend had an epic apocalyptic dream – a standout dream of a lifetime. That dream is not mine to share, but on the same night, I had a small dream in which I saw a city – New York, I assumed – under water so deep that only the top quarter of its tallest skyscrapers was visible. As catastrophic as the scene may sound, in my dream it was peaceful. The water was so placid, so smooth and reflective, it looked like a mirror. On its surface floated dozens of pretty spirals that looked like rubbery decorative things you’d stick to the floor of your bathtub to keep from slipping. There was a profound quiet, like a meadow blanketed in snow. That was all.

Inspired by those two dreams, I have mined my more recent journals for other dreams with apocalyptic/earth change themes. I will post them here over the next few days, although some of them are mildly embarrassing.