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2012: Two Paths

I had a destination in mind with the series of dreams I’ve been posting. I’ve been taking the back roads to a particular point. The question is how to approach 2012 and whatever that may mean: the transition of the ages, earth changes, earth initiation, mass extinction or ascension . . .

Some are hunkering down. They are discussing where in the world to flee, what to hoard, how to fortify themselves with the arms, skills and materials they’ll need to survive.

I can only respectfully say what I feel in my heart to be true: approaching this period with a bunker mentality is the exact opposite of what we need for our highest good and the highest good concerned.

Ever since I was a child, certain words and phrases have hung in the air and glowed for me. The glowing words turn up repeatedly in chains of meaningful coincidence. Over time, they become laden with mysterious significance, and if I follow them, they eventually lead into deeper mysteries. One of my longtime glowing words first came to me courtesy of Led Zeppelin: there are two paths you can go by . . .

Reality is usually not so clear. We face an apparent maze of many highways and byways, but underlying it all are two basic directions. You can label them with various names, but I prefer LOVE vs. FEAR. In one way or another, we approach that fork and make that choice countless times each day. Most of us are inconsistent in our choices, so we tend to walk a rambling road of alternating directions. But our daily choices have a net effect. They add up and the sum total determines the fundamental direction of our lives. Similarly, our individual choices add up and the sum total determines the overall direction of humanity. Ultimately, our choices serve to expand one or the other – LOVE or FEAR – in the world, even the universe. We have free will (more glowing words), and intentionally or not, we shape our world with our choices.

Some forks in the road are milestones, and choices we make there are weighted with profound significance. I believe what we are approaching is a historic milestone for our species, our planet.

We can rationalize all we want, but at the root, it’s either one or the other. LOVE or FEAR. The bunker approach – arming, hoarding, hunkering down – is the path of FEAR. Walking this path expands the principle of FEAR at a critical point in history. Perhaps it might help a couple of those who travel it to survive a cataclysmic event, but at what cost? Is survival on such terms worthwhile? Basically, the means determine the ends. A path rooted in FEAR leads to a more fearful world.

I have no idea what will happen as we spiral down the hourglass of the age, but my inner voice, my dreams, my every intuition tell me that FEAR is the last thing we need. My feeling is that we need to release our small-minded expectations and embrace the potentiality of change with open hearts and minds – with LOVE. We need to cooperate with each other and evolve with our planet. Come what may.

Meeting change is a lot like meeting waves in the ocean. If you meet a wave with fear, you’ll try to hold your place. You’ll be rigid and the water will hit you like bricks. But if you welcome the wave with love, you’ll be flexible and light on your feet. The wave will lift you up and take you somewhere else.

That’s what I choose: LOVE. Somewhere else.

BUT . . . as I mulled over these thoughts and gathered the courage to post them here, I had a dream that seemed to throw a major monkey wrench into everything. At the risk of boring readers but in the name of honesty, I am including the whole dream. The catastrophe and monkey wrench occur in the last five paragraphs:

Dream: Global Catastrophe

On 12/30/07 I dreamt that my husband and I were looking at a house in Maine. I went out into the yard, took a handful of dirt and brought it to my face. I breathed it in deeply and thought about how much I love the earth of this place.

Later we were in Newark with my mother-in-law, Christmas shopping I guess. I volunteered to drive us home (in a little MG we were driving for some reason), but then I realized that my mother-in-law had wandered across the street. We waited for her, and while we waited, some man approached us in a strange and aggressive manner. He ended up retreating, but then my mother-in-law almost went out into the street in front of an oncoming car. We went to help her. By the time we all were back in the little car – a tight squeeze – my shoes were off and I couldn’t get them back on. I was rattled from all the scares and frustrations. I told my husband I was sorry but I couldn’t drive after all. My husband said he understood and took the wheel.

Next thing I knew, the three of us were in store that rented gift boxes. I was trying to find the right size for an oversized children’s outfit. The box I found was too big – they said it would cost $2.75 to rent. I responded that there was a lot of wasted space in it and I wanted to find a better fitting box. The whole point of the store was conserving paper products involved in gift giving.

Meanwhile, my mother-in-law was looking for Christmas cards. I was looking too, it seems. Somehow we ended up at someone’s house looking for cards. They had some stacks there and we were waiting for a turn to look through them. Our goal was frustrated by the fact that they were currently in the hands of an inconsiderate young woman who kept looking up from them to chat with her friends for twenty minutes at a time. My mother-in-law was getting nervous. I was getting mad. Finally I said “Forget it – I don’t have the time to wait all day for a turn to look at these cards. I don’t need them. It’s after Christmas anyway.” I was wondering how we would convince my mother-in-law that she didn’t need them either when she emerged from another room with one card in her hand. It happened to have both her name and her recipient’s name on the front of it. At first I thought it was a custom card, but it turned out to be a regular pre-made commercial card. “Perfect!” we said, remarking on the coincidence. “You can’t beat that!” Then I realized that the design on the front of the card was a cross made of blocks, each block with its own symbol.

Somewhere in here a thin little man with a pinched face announced that there would be a global catastrophe soon and that we had better hoard food and stash cash to prepare for it. He gave us the date, but we didn’t pay attention. He seemed like a mean wacko. It wasn’t clear if he meant what he was saying as a threat or as a prophecy.

Next thing I knew, we were in our kitchen with my mother-in-law. The little man was there, too. He started talking and it wasn’t clear if we were hearing him in person or on the radio. He was saying that the day had arrived and that in X seconds there would be a big blast that would definitely get our attention, even if it was ten thousand miles away. He was sneering. At this point, I was taking his message to be threat, not prophecy. I waited for the prescribed seconds to count down to see if he was for real or just a wacko. At the end of the count down, there was quiet for an extra second or two. Just when I was starting to think it was a false alarm, the lights cut off and the ground shook. There was an ominous rumbling in the distance. The lights returned at brown-out level. The alarm on the stove went off and my mother-in-law apologized for having set it. I went to turn it off and found it set at 10. I turned it to zero and it stopped (it was an old-fashioned timer with a knob).

Now I found myself wishing that I had heeded the warning and stashed cash for this day. I had no idea what had happened and what would happen next. I didn’t even know if having cash mattered at all, but I was thinking it would have been better to have it. Wouldn’t it? Maybe it could make some kind of key difference for us in the chaos that would surely follow. Maybe it would make me feel a little safer. All I knew was that what I was feeling now was horrible beyond words.

The little man resumed his address. He sounded smug that the explosion had gone off as planned or foretold, and he was telling us that we were doomed. Soon the rains will come, he said, and they will carry death. Life on our planet would never be the same.

How could we survive in the little man’s new world? It sounded like hell on earth. What had happened? I wondered if the little man was involved in the detonation of massive nuclear devices. An image came to my mind of a chunk of the globe encompassing Canada being blown clear away, but I had no idea if it was correct. Enraged, I started pounding the little man in my kitchen. I was hauling off and punching him repeatedly in his face and head, but his gloating voice continued on the radio. I realized that the little man in our kitchen was just a man-shaped figure of rags.

Thankfully, I woke up.

- – -

I am going to let this sit as is for now. This was different from the previous earth change dreams I’ve been posting. I definitely have thoughts on its meaning, but I am still processing. For now, I post it all without further comment. Except to wish us all the strength to make our own choices, consciously and with full intent, in the new year and beyond.